Special Education Coordinator (IEP Coordinator)


  • Assist the Director of Special Education in planning, monitoring, and evaluating special education services and procedures.
  • Provide support to ensure schools are meeting the needs of every student while operating with fidelity to all state and federal laws.
  • Assists with ensuring compliance with the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA).
  • Serves as IEP/504 Coordinator, responsible for IEP and 504 assistance and review to ensure compliance. 
  • Assist in the data collection for district, state and federal reporting.
  • Serves as the Association’s RTI/MTSS Coordinator, responsible for the fidelity, implementation, capacity building, and sustainability of RTI/MTSS processes across the district.
  • Provide consultation and support to the Association’s schools to facilitate implementation of Multi-Tiered System of Supports (MTSS). 
  • Provide technical assistance to support capacity building and sustainability of RTI/MTSS within the Association’s schools.  
  • Coordinates the creation, maintenance and updating all RTI/MTSS documents, including website(s) as needed.
  • Assists with assessing the needs and planning high-quality professional development for the Association’s schools on areas relevant to the education of students with disabilities.
  • Collaborates with school leaders and school level coordinators to develop and implement appropriate strategies for resolving problem areas relative to programs for students with disabilities.
  • Provides technical assistance to Association schools in reference to RTI/MTSS, IEPs and 504 plans for special education.
  • Conducts other activities and oversee project implementation as determined appropriate by the Director of Special Education and Superintendent. 
  • Other duties as required by the Director of Special Education and Superintendent.  


  • Must hold or be eligible for a South Carolina Administrative/Teaching Certificate (prefer two or more years of administrative / supervisory experience in special education).  
  • Master’s degree 


  • Five years of experience in special education.
  • Excellent organizational, supervisory, and interpersonal skills.
  • Ability to communicate effectively.
  • Extensive knowledge of special education regulations, curriculum, and programming.


To apply for this job contact:

Jacqueline Washington