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Charter planning groups, please fill out the form below to apply.

For schools looking to transfer into the LCA, see the Transfer Request information below.

New School Application

Hello New Charter Applicant,

Normally, the new charter application cycle begins when the charter committee submits a Letter of Intent, but LCA is offering free zoom meetings to walk committees through the application and discuss expectations starting Monday, August 30th. The zoom meetings will not be more than an hour and will continue until the end of November with a wrap up, last chance for questions in December, see list and dates below. If you are planning on submitting an application in February you should be researching, recruiting and writing NOW! 

I will be your host for the zoom meetings. My name is Traci Bryant-Riches, and I am the owner of AVIA Charters. I have opened multiple schools and served as the Director of Charter Initiatives at the South Carolina Public Charter Association in 2012-14. I have opened schools with an education management association and without, so I am very familiar with all aspects of opening new charter schools. 

I have been contracted with LCA to assist in their opening which includes running the first new application cycle. My email is tbryantriches@limestonecharters.org and my cell number is 803/665-2011. I am happy to answer any questions. The zoom meetings will be recorded and available on www.limestonecharters.org website. I looked forward to meeting each of you. Please note that participating in these webinars does not commit you to applying at Limestone Charter Association nor does it guarantee approval. 

Dates and Topics:

  • Intro, Process and Type of School and Charter Committee VIDEO
  • Community Need and Educational Program VIDEO Part 1 VIDEO Part 2
  • Goals and Objectives and Evaluating Pupil Performance VIDEO Part 1 VIDEO Part 2
  • Enrollment and Recruitment VIDEO
  • Governance and Operations VIDEO
  • Special Education and other Federal Programs VIDEO
  • Tuesday, December 7 @ 6pm - Finance and Facilities
  • Tuesday, December 14 @ 6pm - Misc. and last chance for questions and answers. 

Charter planning groups who are interested in applying to Limestone Charter Association should complete the google form.  A zoom meeting will be held once a month until the application is due February 1st to the SCDE and to the sponsors. 

New Applicant Form

Transfer Request

The Limestone Charter Association (LCA) invites existing charter schools that have an interest in transferring to contact the LCA Team.  Before completing this form, the school leader should contact Traci Bryant-Riches 803/665-2011 to schedule a meeting to discuss the process with the Limestone Charter Association Leadership Team.  Once that meeting has occurred, if the Board decides to proceed with the transfer, then this form must be completed and submitted to tbryantriches@limestonecharters.org.

Please note that all schools will transfer into Limestone Charter Association under the status previously determined by the current authorizer as of the last day of school from the prior school year, unless the school’s status has improved since the last day of school.

Print Transfer Instructions

The request should contain the following information:

  1. School Name
  2. School Leader Name
  3. Board Member Representative
  4. School Address
  5. Current Sponsor
  6. The year the charter will renew based on the current sponsor contract
  7. A narrative to why the school wishes to transfer
  8. A board resolution to transfer
  9. Most recent State Report Card
  10. A narrative explaining the school’s story and history including financial and academic
  11. Latest audit
  12. Any other data the school believes is relevant for Limestone Association Board to review in order to make an informed decision

Please submit these documents to Traci Bryant-Riches at tbryantriches@limestonecharters.org. Priority will be given to schools that submit by October 1st, but applications after October 1st will still be considered. The listed Board Member Representative and School Leader will receive an email to schedule a meeting with the Limestone Charter Association team.

Any questions, please contact Traci Bryant-Riches at tbryantriches@limestonecharters.org or 803/665-2011.