Charter Renewal Process

A charter must be approved or renewed for a period of ten school years (SC Charter Schools Act- Section 59-40-110). The Charter School Renewal Application Guidance Document outlines the process, timeline, and required documentation needed to satisfy the renewal process.  

The charter renewal process is designed to provide LCA staff with the necessary documentation to make an informed recommendation to the LCA Board of Trustees, who ultimately either approve or deny the renewal request.  The application provides an opportunity for the school to give an overview of its educational program, organizational structure, financial management and oversight.  In addition, it allows for the school to present evidence of school performance and articulate school plans and capacities for the next charter term.  

All application items should be completed by the school and questions should be addressed through written narrative responses, including attachments or supplemental information as necessary. The renewal application and all supporting documents must be submitted electronically via the Formstack link below, no later than October 14th by 11:59 p.m. EST.

Select the appropriate renewal documents, depending on your current charter sponsorship.

Renewal Documents for Schools Currently Authorized by LCA


Renewal Documents for Schools Currently NOT Authorized by LCA