New School Application

Letter of Intent to Apply

All applicants who wish to apply to open a charter school in South Carolina must first submit a Letter of Intent (LOI) on or before November 1, 2022, to their intended sponsor and to the South Carolina Department of Education (SCDE).  Groups not submitting a LOI by the November 1st deadline, will not be eligible to submit a formal charter school application on February 1, 2023 to any sponsor. 

Complete the 2022 Charter School Letter of Intent Form and submit copies to the following entities:

  1. Limestone Charter Association at:
  2. South Carolina Department of Education at:

New Charter School Application

All applications must be submitted via the SCDE’s online dashboard.  The deadline for submitting a charter application is February 1, 2023.

The sponsor’s Board of Trustees shall rule on the application for a charter school in a public hearing, upon reasonable notice, within ninety days after receiving the application.

The 2023 Charter School Application documents are posted on the SCDE's website and can be accessed by clicking here.


  • Intro, Process and Type of School and Charter Committee VIDEO
  • Community Need and Educational Program VIDEO Part 1 VIDEO Part 2
  • Goals and Objectives and Evaluating Pupil Performance VIDEO Part 1 VIDEO Part 2
  • Enrollment and Recruitment VIDEO
  • Governance and Operations VIDEO
  • Special Education and other Federal Programs VIDEO
  • Finance and Facilities VIDEO
  • Misc. and last chance for questions and answers. VIDEO